Nour°ish Series

Nour°ish: (nûrˈĭsh)

verb: to provide the substances needed for

growth, health, and good condition.

The Nour°ish Series consists of programs that invite participants to interact with the wealth of knowledge in our communities around the world.

Through the webinar series, we are able to connect young people with quality community curated educational resources. The People’s Coalition will be sharing information in the form of webinars, master classes, and interviews.

The Nour°ish Gatherings are in-person events in which community members, activists, advocates, and artivists are given the opportunity to deeply engage on a variety of topics.

Through this work, we aim to increase the social capital of our volunteers and all of our participating community members. Yes! That means you!

The Webinar Series

These free webinars will invite people from all over the world to sit in a digital circle and learn from collective community knowledge. We will foster young eldership while opening pathways for intergenerational knowledge sharing.

Nour°ish Gatherings

The Nour°ish Gatherings are events dedicated to celebrating and discussing anti-oppressive programs and their leaders.

Nour°ish Gatherings can occur at any place, at any time.

So keep watch!