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Our Origin Story

The People's Coalition aims to provide information, access, and resources to lower the impact of structural violence experienced by historically marginalized groups. The People’s Coalition was founded in 2015 by Jasmyn Elise Story. Restorative Justice Leader, Scholar and Activist, who officially formed and established the organization in  January of, 2017.

A child of a Black single mother, Jasmyn watched her mother struggle to learn how to navigate through both public and private systems with limited support. When opportunities would expire or seemed inaccessible, her mother would say somberly, “Well, you know ‘they’ had a meeting.

This explanation from Jasmyn’s mother describes the exclusionary experience shared by many marginalized people. Our founder went on to study, identify, and name the structures, the policies, and the historical harm that her mother called “the meeting”. Our goal is to use technology to provide everyone a seat at that meeting.


Our Team

Jasmyn Elise Story is an international Restorative Justice Facilitator and founder of The People’s Coalition. She is a dedicated human rights activist with 10 years of experience working in the voluntary sector. Formally the Director of Restorative Justice Programming at the JAGS Foundation, Jasmyn completed her MA in Human Rights at the University College London. She received her BA in Anthropology from Skidmore College. Currently, her main focus is on community mobilization and the integration of restorative practices into learning institutions as the Assistant Director of the Skidmore College Project on Restorative Justice.

Noah Kernis, a graduate of Skidmore college with a degree in Neuroscience. Noah previously worked in television and radio for Amazon, StoryCorps, and WNYC. He now works as a web developer after graduating from the Flatiron School. Noah is dedicated to using his production, science, and web development background to help make information more digestible and accessible to everyone. Noah Kernis serves as Technology Advisor for The People’s Coalition.

The People’s Coalition’s development and growth is supported by The Lindsay Consulting group, led by Preston Lindsay.

Preston Lindsay, a native son of Camden, NJ residing in New York City, is a trained industrial organizational psychologist and organizational development practitioner with 10 years of combined executive leadership and organizational advancement experience in both the nonprofit and corporate sector. Preston's professional experiences have included leading organizational change, designing and implementing systems for improving organizational efficiency, developing strategic and goal management plans, leading fundraising and development activities, capacity building with dynamic teams and managing people & performance. Preston serves as The People Coalition's Board Chairman.

Preston also serves as a an adjunct professor of change management and organizational behavior. As an academic, Preston's discipline areas of focus are industrial-organizational psychology, organizational behavior and management. His research explores the impact of organizational trauma on worker consciousness and behavior. Preston holds bachelors degrees in sociology and psychology, Master’s of Science degrees in Organizational Development and Management and he is currently a doctoral candidate in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Washington, D.C. campus. Passionate abolitionism and social justice, in his personal time, Preston lends his organizational development expertise by serving as board chair of community-based, social justice oriented nonprofits.