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Each One Teach One Library

The Each One Teach One Library will provide our community with free syllabi on various topics, scripts for community circles, and support for gaining access to public libraries.

This digital library will launch during the Black History Month 2019.  


Nour°ish is the title of our series of initiatives that serves the community directly through online and in person programing that aims to increase social capital and collective knowledge.

Nour°ish IRL

When in person, we nourish those attending. We gather over food to celebrate the variety of anti-oppressive initiatives being run in and around our community. Using community decision making circles, we discuss the barriers that impede our individual projects and initiatives. There is a call for attendees to brainstorm around these impediments, and commit to supporting each other’s anti-oppressive initiatives.

Nour°ish Webinar Series

These free thematic webinar panels and lectures will invite people from all over the world, to sit in a digital circle and learn from collective community knowledge. We want to foster young eldership while opening pathways for intergenerational knowledge.

The Meeting App

In partnership with Boston University’s Global App Initiative, we are developing a smartphone application that will serve as a centralized hub that lists and communicates key resources and information about the community that the user is in. It is a lightweight mobile application that user can Download and Follow public and private opportunities and their applications. The app will keep track of application deadline, and the user will receive regular notifications to aid in the completion of those applications. The app will be routinely updated by our local volunteer base.